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Ora Choice Pro Sticks


For support of overall dental health. Dental sticks for Dogs.

Ora Choice Pro Sticks

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Recommended to help prevent the formation of plaque and calculus and reduce halitosis. Specially formulated with a unique blend of innovative ingredients and a chewable stick both supporting the effective reduction of plaque and calculus.  The active ingredients of Arbolin and SHMP create an environment that inhibits bacterial growth and attachment while helping to reduce plaque biofilms and the nasty sulphur compounds that cause halitosis.  With the addition of patented molecule ITPGS, strengthens activity on biofilm and other agents that cause problems in the oral cavity. Should be given once per day as part of an overall dental health regimen that includes regular veterinary visits.

Small: 30 ct Dental Sticks | Quantity per case: 24 ct

Medium: 20 ct Dental Sticks | Quantity per case: 24 ct

Large: 12 ct Dental Sticks | Quantity per case: 24 ct

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