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The Premium Choice for Veterinarians

The Premium Choice for Veterinarians

Our vision is to expand the success of veterinary clinics in their mission to improve the lives of the companion animals under their care.

As a vital part of this vision, we want to strengthen the veterinary-client-pet patient relationship and expand pet patient health discussions. Our products focus on cutting edge technologies, innovative ingredients and pet friendly dosing to make Clinics Choice the premium choice of veterinarians, their clients, and all pet patients. We look forward to serving the veterinary clinics, pet communities and the pets who give sight to our vision.

Backed By Science

ITPGS™ is a patent pending proprietary blend of bioactives that improve key nutrient absorption supporting a healthy inflammatory and immune biomarker response, microbial balance and antioxidant active.

It’s new science applied to time-tested nutritional and wellness products promising new opportunities for achieving better gut and pet health outcomes.

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Clinics Choice LysiPlus Powder