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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision of expanding veterinary clinic success focuses on product advancements that will expand pet health discussions. Incorporating cutting edge technologies, innovative ingredients and pet friendly dosing, Clinics Choice seeks to be the premium choice of veterinarians, clients, and their pets who are looking for the very best in nutrition, support and overall health options. We look forward to serving the veterinary clinics, pet communities and the pets who give sight to our vision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide veterinarians, their clients and most importantly pets, products that will provide the very best solutions in seeking overall pet health and wellness. Constant research, field and clinical trial are the key principles in developing evidence-based ingredients and formulas. Lastly, bioavailability and proper dosing levels coupled with the pure and potent forms of ingredients must be included in the science of bringing better health and wellness to the lives of pets everywhere. The mission of Clinics Choice seeks to align with those principles, and we look forward to making a positive impact on your pet’s health and wellness!

Skin & Coat Health

Optimize Pet Health

Mouth & Teeth 

Muscular & Bone

Digestive System

Immune System

Specific Diagnosis

Powered by Innovative New Technology

Our innovation consists of cutting-edge, patented nutraceutical ingredients used in ways that are designed to provide superior options in the key health categories. We are proud to offer condition-specific formulas in palatable and simple delivery systems that pets love.

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