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Eubiosis vs. Dysbiosis

A healthy gut is dominated by beneficial microbiota. It exists in a state of “eubiosis”, and digestion, nutrient uptake and the overall health of the animal are positively influenced.

However, if the microbiome tilts in favor of the pathogenic bacteria, it enters a state of “dysbiosis”. Normal gut structure, function and, ultimately, the health of the animal are compromised.

ITPGS Technology Promotes Eubiosis

ITPGS helps manage for the desired eubiotic state through its pathogen-killing iron transfer properties and aids nutrient absorption through its micelle-forming activities.

ITPGS properties can enhance the effects of important nutritional supplements

  • Vitamins A, D, E and K
  • Antioxidants — Carotenoids, CoQ10
  • Inflammatory Modulating Ingredients — Curcumin
  • Omega-3, EFAs
  • Other nutrients providing functional & wellness benefits


1. Pre-clinical safety studies show egg proteins and derivatives like albumin and conalbumin are safe for human and animal consumption.

2. Safety studies on TPGS conducted on both humans and animals.

3. Animals used in multiple research studies conducted, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH) experienced no safety issues with these proteins.

4. Considered GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) status ingredients.

New Science

ITPGS Technology offers a new pathway in nutritional science to support overall pet health and wellness. The synergistic combination of two molecules takes gut health to a new level:

  • Reinforces and sustains a healthy microbiome, enhancing gut-mediated immunity
  • Enhances absorption, bioavailability and utilization of nutrients and therapeutic agents

Clinics Choice LysiPlus Powder