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Liver Choice Soft Chews


For Support of healthy hepatic function, and overall liver health. Soft Chew for Dogs.

Liver Choice Soft Chews

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Indicated for dogs that need support for proper hepatic function, healthy enzyme levels, and maintaining the antioxidant activities within the liver.  Liver Choice contains a proprietary blend pf glutathione, N-acetylcysteine, and white curcumin specifically formulate for support of oxidative balance and a healthy inflammatory response.  By adding a proprietary blend of branch chain amino acids, Liver Choice provides an energy source for metabolic reactions in the liver and helps with fatty deposits.  Liver Choice also adds Milk Thistle and ITPGS to support the complex functions of the liver.  Zinc is also added to provide that essential cofactor in the numerous biological reactions in the hepatic system.

Quantity per jar: 60 ct Soft Chews | Quantity per case: 12 ct


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