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Aller Choice


For Support with dermatological sensitivities and overall skin health. Soft chews for Dogs

Aller Choice

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Indicated for dogs with allergies, pruritus or any inflammation associated with a variety of skin issues.  Aller Choice is recommended as a key weapon in the battle for skin health.  Aller Choice contains a potent proprietary blend of Complex Omegas from three different sources to insure greater absorption and thus bioavailability.  Along with the new Omega Complex, Aller Choice adds a powerful proprietary blend of key botanicals and bioflavonoids that have been proven to support the integrity and health of skin through a wide variety of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions.  With the addition of the molecule ITPGS, Aller Choice is one of the best new tools in the multi-modal approach in the battle for greater dermatological health.

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