Helps maintain electrolyte balance. Manages the nutrient uptake. Gel for Dogs

Product Usage

High energy/protein complex with electrolytes and probiotics in a convenient paste to help support the energy and nutritional needs of pets. Contains protein, amino acids, sodium, potassium and 1 billion CFUs (colony forming units) of a proprietary blend of probiotic strains/10g of product. With the addition of ITPGS™ a patent pending blend of bioactives, Recov Choice provides additional support for a healthy immune system and response. Palatable and easy to administer paste in a dial-a-dose tube.

ITPGS™ is a patent pending proprietary blend of bioactives that improve key nutrient absorption supporting a healthy inflammatory and immune biomarker response, microbial balance, and antioxidant active.

key product benefits


supports daily functions in aging related to overall health.


supports overall digestion and gastrointestinal health.

If you would like to see more information on this product, including ingredients and dosing specifications, check out a pdf overview.

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